Valley Leadership Launches New ‘Ready Together’ Initiative in Response to COVID-19

Posted By on May 11, 2020

Valley Leadership is launching a new, completely virtual program to mobilize all interested Arizonans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Ready Together” will replace the organization’s regular leadership programs for the next year, with the goal of cultivating and preparing leaders to identify and solve the pressing issues further exposed by the pandemic.

The program will gather a diverse cross section of voices from across Arizona to examine our entire community ecosystem — from health care, housing and food security to jobs and education.

“Going forward, there is no such thing as business as usual,” said Dave Brown, Valley Leadership CEO. “As our leadership, board, alumni and partners mobilized in the face of the pandemic, it was clear that in order to be most relevant to our community, we needed to stand up an experience that gives Arizonans the space to process and prepare for our collective new reality. Ready Together was created to directly respond to this crisis. Our hope is to grow the desire and ability of all our citizens to play a meaningful role in Arizona’s recovery.” 

Valley Leadership is recruiting individuals from all over the state and from all occupations, including front-line workers. Ready Together will be the 40-year-old organization’s first completely virtual program, combining individual reflection and small-group work with live, online sessions that are short, dynamic and engaging. The program was designed to be sensitive to both time commitment and cost.

The application for Valley Leadership’s Ready Together program is now open and is due by June 22. Valley Leadership is offering Ready Together this year only and plans to return to its regular program schedule in fall 2021.

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