Spread the Word, Save a Life: Desert Financial Helping to Find a Kidney for Longtime Employee

Posted By on November 5, 2019
Jason Kvam and his family.

For many people hoping to have their own children, the day they find out a baby is on the way is one of the most memorable times of their lives. For Jason Kvam, though, that day was bittersweet, because, while he found out he and his wife, Shanna, would soon have a child of their own, he also learned that a kidney transplant he’d had earlier had ultimately failed.

“When we met, he told me that one day his kidney could fail,” Jason’s wife said, of the early days of their relationship. “But I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.”

After learning of Jason’s failed kidney transplant and impending fatherhood, his employer of 25 years, Desert Financial, sprung into action, launching a campaign in an effort to help Jason find another kidney. The campaign did, in fact, produce a generous donor, and while, regrettably, that donor was not a match for Jason, she selflessly donated a kidney regardless, saving the life of someone else.

Now, the search continues for a kidney for Jason, and Desert Financial is continuing its efforts to help find a matching donor. Anyone interested in aiding the effort can visit MayoClinic.org/livingdonor to find out whether they are a potential Type O match, and supporters can also help by encouraging others to do the same or by sharing Jason’s video on social media using the hashtag #KidneyForKvam.

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