Q&A With Famed Fashion Designer Nicole Miller

Posted By on November 13, 2019
Nicole Miller (Photo credit nicolemiller.com)

American designer Nicole Miller recently chatted with Frontdoors before traveling to Arizona for the Homeward Bound Old Bags Luncheon later this month. Here’s what she had to say.

FD:  How did you become interested in fashion?

NM:  My mother was from Paris and was always very fashionable. She ordered French fashion magazines to the house, which I loved. I grew up obsessed with fashion.

FD:  Your ongoing success is amazing. Was there ever a time when you considered giving up your dream?

NM:  The fashion industry is a tough business, with a lot of ups and downs. There are many things you can’t foresee, like production issues. Things can go wrong. Buyers may not buy the things I like and go with something safer. Many good things happen, but there can be disappointments. I have a technical background, so I’ve hung in there because I have been involved in every level from the start. I could actually make the clothes, if I had to.

Nicole Miller City Shopper Barbie (1996). Photo credit: Mattel 

FD:  I understand there is a Nicole Miller-designed Barbie Doll. Please tell us about her.

NM:  There are actually two. One is the Savvy Shopper and the other is the City Shopper. They came out about 20 years ago and were a few years apart. The Savvy Shopper is in a black coat with an icon print with little lipsticks and handbags. The City Shopper is in a white coat with white pastel print. It was fun.

FD:  What are your favorite charitable causes?

NM:  I’ve always been very involved in environmental causes and have given to Riverkeeper and Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, which is a think tank for corporations that save on energy. Riverkeeper, which was run by Bobby Kennedy Jr., is about cleaning up polluted rivers around the country.

FD:  What is it about Homeward Bound that made you want to get involved?

NM:  My good friend CC Goldwater brought Homeward Bound to my attention and I always like to support causes where I have a good customer base.

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