Pike And Susan Sullivan Foundation Rebrands To Pharos Foundation

Posted By on September 20, 2019

The Pike and Susan Sullivan Foundation is changing its name to the Pharos Foundation, a move designed to reflect the organization’s commitment to quality education for children and families from all walks of life.

The name Pharos comes from a Greek word for lighthouse, a fitting moniker for an organization that is working to spotlight practices that help improve education in our communities.

Adriana Murrietta, Executive Director of the Pharos Foundation, said that the organization’s board of directors believes the name change bests positions the foundation for the future.

“We are excited to continue our work with our partner organizations with our new name and renewed focus,” Murrietta said. “There are so many opportunities to create positive change in education for children in underprivileged areas, and we look forward to the partnerships we will engage with in the future.”

The Pharos Foundation’s work is centered around two core realities. First, the strength of our country is predicated on the strength of our education system. And second, when one segment of our population is underserved, all segments of our society suffer.

The organization funds programs that create systemic changes that in turn expand quality educational opportunities for all students, especially those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.  Its mission is to strengthen our communities — and our country — by ensuring all students receive a quality educational experience at an early age, and families have the freedom to choose from a variety of educational opportunities throughout their child’s academic career.

The Pharos Foundation seeks to fund and promote innovative thinking and policy changes that disrupt the traditional school model and create the type of systemic change that enhances learning for at-risk and underserved students from pre-K through graduation. As such, it does not accept grant solicitations, nor does it accept outside contributions.

Instead, it identifies partner organizations whose practices are moving the needle in education, primarily in Arizona, Wyoming and the New York metro area. Some of those organizations include Arizona State University, Vista College Prep, College Depot, Jackson Hole Classical Academy, KIPP Academies New Jersey and the Be A Leader Foundation.

Pike Sullivan began his career in 1962, when he joined F. Eberstadt & Co., Inc. He built and ran the firm’s sales and trading activities and served as chairman of the board and C.E.O. from 1979-1985. He subsequently joined the investment advisory firm of Peter B. Cannell & Co., Inc. and served as chairman from July 1988 until his retirement in 1993. His passion for investment banking fueled him to take others under his wing, and he became a mentor to some of America’s great investors.

After Pike’s death in May 2013, his friend and attorney, George Harris, was trusted to carry on his philanthropic work under the Pike and Susan Sullivan Foundation. The foundation invests in innovative policies and programs throughout the country that promote greater access to educational opportunities for underserved students.

For more information, visit pharosfdn.org.

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