Arizona Foundation for Women Presents Lady Leaders Panel Discussion

Posted By on June 13, 2019

The Event: Lady Leaders Young Women’s Leadership Panel

The Cause: Arizona Foundation for Women (AFW)

More Info: AFW envisions an Arizona where women are safe, healthy and economically independent. Our mission is quite similar, in that we work to advance the status of Arizona’s women through research, advocacy and philanthropy to ensure their safety, health and economic independence.

Date held: June 6, 2019

Venue: Anchor Centre Plaza

Panelists: Catherine Alonzo, Becca Booker, Jennifer Cooper, Meghan Cox, Caroline Pricher, Jacqueline Thomas‎, and Tanya Wheeless

Photo Credit: Jillian Rivera Photography

  • Ariyanna Norman and Laurel Cardew
  • Ashlyn Thompson and Katelyn Cai
  • Jayla Cooper and Charlotte Allen
  • Creighton Hardy and Danielle Glickman
  • Darlene Thomas and Jenny Zheng
  • Rachel Wecker, Angela Bratt, Cat Daly
  • Lady Leaders Panelists: Tanya Wheeless, Meghan Cox, Caroline Pricher,  Catherine Alonzo, Jacqueline Thomas‎, Jennifer Cooper and Becca Booker
  • Panelists for Lady Leaders
  • Guests enjoying the discussion
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