$5.2 million Raised for Barrow Innovation Center

Posted By on January 31, 2019

The Event: 2019 Barrow Grand Ball

The Cause: The Women’s Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation

Program Funded: The Barrow Innovation Center, which was created to educate budding doctors and neurosurgeons on how to develop medical innovations that solve the problems they encounter as they serve their patients. In the first two years since establishing the center, residents have created more than 1,000 3D spine models, developed over 26 leading-edge new devices or techniques and filed 12 provisional patents.

Gala Co-Chairs: Dionne Najafi and Terry Roman

Date held: January 26, 2019

Venue: Arizona Biltmore Resort

Dollars raised: $5.2 million

History: The Women’s Board, led by Chairwoman Robyn Lee, has supported world-class Barrow Neurological institute for more than 54 years and contributed more than $61 million to fund life-changing research.

Photo Credit: Barrow Neurological Institute and Jill Rivera

  • Dionne Najafi & Terry Roman
  • Mattt Steigl, Katy Rozanne, Rich Rector & Robyn Lee
  • Bennett & Jacquie Dorrance with Dr. Michael Lawton
  • Caryll & Jon Kyl
  • CA & Nan Howlett
  • Cindy & Mike Watts
  • Rob & Melani Walton
  • Sandy & Mac Magruder
  • Ron Erickson, Nancy Hanley with Karen & Bobb Hobbs
  • Carolyn & Craig Jackson
  • Francis Najafi & Stevie Eller
  • Tom & Diane Might
  • Tom & Jan Lewis
  • Nita & Phil Francis
  • Beverly Stewart & Pat Petznick
  • Kathy Barrow
  • Linda & Bill Hunt
  • Beth & Bob Matthews
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