Valle del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute Participants Celebrate Program Graduation

Posted By on September 6, 2018

2018 HLI Participants

The Event: Valle del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute – Phoenix program graduation / HLI-Phoenix Graduation
The Cause: Valle del Sol / Hispanic Leadership Institute (HLI)
Mission: Through Valle del Sol’s leadership development programs, participants are given the opportunity to engage Arizona’s foremost business, education, and government policy experts in a dialogue about leadership and their role in creating a thriving community. The curriculum is designed to incorporate the participant’s voice and to engage their views with specific outcomes emphasizing professional and personal growth with a practical business and community orientation.
Leading the Event: Valle del Sol’s President/CEO, Kurt Sheppard
Sponsors: Wells Fargo, Arizona State University, APS and SRP
Date held: July 19, 2018
Venue: Wells Fargo Conference Center, Downtown Phoenix

2018 HLI Participants: Luis Acosta, Abe Alirez, Alexis Arcos, Michael Caplice, Nick DeSantiago, Mailai Echeverría, Mark García, Rosie Gastelum,Vanessa Gonzales, Sarah González, Paty González Sotelo, Marissa Hernández, Rosalia Hernández-González, Natasha López-Rodríguez, Alejandro Macías, Claudia Maldonado, Vanessa Morales, Linda Núñez, Deana Pérez, María Rebozo, Tomás Robles Jr., Julia Santa María, Christian Solorio, Elenia Sotelo, Alex Vásquez, Gil Vélez, Krizia Verplancke, Víctor Zendejas

  • Danny Ortega, Ortega Law Firm and HLI Program Faculty
  • Alana Chavez Langdon, Senior Community Affairs Representative APS with Kurt Sheppard, President and CEO, Valle del Sol
  • Frank Diaz, Wells Fargo with Kurt Sheppard, President and CEO, Valle del Sol
  • Tanya Muniz, CFO Valley of the Sun United Way with Kurt Sheppard, President and CEO, Valle del Sol
  • Tony Moya, Latino Relations Manager, SRP with Kurt Sheppard, President and CEO, Valle del Sol
  • Winning Project 1, Nick DeSantiago, Maria Rebozo, Rosalia Gastelum, Vanessa Gonzales, Paty Gonzalez Sotelo
  • Winning Project 2, Alejandro Macias, Elenia Sotelo, Luis Acosta, Mark Garcia, Deana Perez, Tanya Muniz, Sarah Gonzalez
  • 2018 HLI Participants
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