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Posted By on February 22, 2013
Auctioneer, Letitia Frye

Auctioneer, Letitia Frye

Fundraisers are amazing social affairs that can bring guests immediately closer to the cause. They can also be jam-packed with programming. Thanking sponsors, honoring leaders, hearing from those positively affected by the good work of the organization.

These are all important pieces, but so are the fundraising elements, like the live auction and paddleraiser. What can you do to ensure that they also have a chance in the night’s spotlight?

Hire a professional auctioneer! As our friend Letitia Frye would say, “Add some auctiontainment to your event.” Auctioneers like Letitia Frye know how to bring a crowd’s energy up for selling the high-dollar experiences and focus emotions for the appeal.

It’s not that a dedicated board member or energetic parent couldn’t serve as emcee for this piece of the event, but they don’t ask for money professionally. They certainly aren’t performers. And a live auction should be both professional and entertaining.

Entertained crowds stays engaged, spends more money and remembers the event come next year. Charity auctioneers make this happen.

“It’s important to find an auctioneer that is willing to get to know you, your organization and its beneficiaries,” says Frye. “It becomes a part of us, so that when we’re making the ask, it’s coming from a genuine place of respect for your cause.”

Additionally, auctioneers present a truly beneficial relationship to your organization that can help your event grow overall. They know the trends, the crowds and can guide you on the most effective way to format your program— everything from the timeline to the order of speakers and multimedia elements.

Make sure to hire a licensed professional and know that they are usually booked up to 6 months in advance. A truly great auctioneer will elevate your event beyond your expectations.


Robyn Broshears is the owner of Auction & Event Solutions Arizona.  Robyn has helped the Phoenix nonprofit community build their fundraising events as owner of Auction & Event Solutions Arizona since 2004. Her proven ability in full-circle event planning, streamlining event night processes and cost-consciousness has made AES Arizona a strong partner for more than 80 organizations.

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