10 Questions With Jason Franklin

Posted By on March 5, 2020
Jason Franklin

Co-founder of Sportiqe

1. What is Sportiqe?

Sportiqe is a modern American comfort-wear brand that, at its core, wants to make people feel more comfortable in their everyday life. We started it because we realized that there was a displaced customer going to events, concerts and just traveling that wanted to be more comfortable and fashionable.

2. The NBA was one of your first clients. Can you talk about your roots as a ball boy?

The NBA and the Chicago Bulls, in particular, were my happy place growing up. My favorite childhood moments were as a ball boy for the Chicago Bulls. It only made sense that as Sportiqe set out to revolutionize the apparel industry, we start working with a client — the NBA — that gave us our first opportunity. It was sort of like coming home again.

3. You were an awkward teen, but somehow Scottie Pippen drove you to the mall for your first date. Can you share that story?

I was an awkward teen, for sure. I didn’t feel comfortable around my peers. I always felt more comfortable around adults. My first game working for the Bulls, Scottie and I hit it off right away. Scottie and the rest of the team looked at me almost like a little brother. I’d like to think what Scottie did for me was what most older brothers would’ve done for their little brother. In this particular case, my older brother happened to be one of the most famous people in the world.

4. Sportiqe’s corporate culture is centered on supporting charities and organizations that help kids in crisis. Why is that part of the company DNA?
We believe that EVERYONE deserves to be comfortable. We know there are a lot of kids growing up in some really challenging situations. Maybe their home life is difficult, or they’re going through an illness. At Sportiqe, we believe that if we can help kids be more comfortable, no matter their situation, we’re giving them an opportunity to be their best possible selves.

5. Your best-selling hoodie, The Olsen, stems from a childhood memory. How did that happen?

As a child, I was in some tough situations. In these moments, I would dream of having a protective layer I could put on that would protect me and make me feel more comfortable. When I first tried on our OLSEN Hoodie, I immediately had that “AHHHH” moment. It was the hoodie I had dreamed of in my youth. It’s the deciding factor in any of the pieces that Sportiqe produces. When deciding if a new style makes the Sportiqe collection, if it doesn’t give us that “AHHH” feeling, it doesn’t make the collection.

6. You support a lot of local charities. Can you talk about some of your most significant relationships?

I love what we’re doing now with the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation. We’re taking the profits from our collaborative hoodie and donating to help fund the music therapy programs for kids at all of the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Zones, including the Zone at  Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

7. Why is giving back so important to you?

Helping kids is something we enjoy doing because, in most cases, the child can’t help himself or herself in the situation they’re in. It’s become a cornerstone of our brand.

8. Lots of celebrities sport your clothes. Can you name some names?

We’ve been very fortunate that some of the biggest celebrities in the world have worn Sportiqe: Jay-Z, Beyoncé, LeBron James, Justin Bieber, Prince Harry, Kim Kardashian and lots more.

9. With all of your success, why do you still call the Valley home? 

I’m tired of hearing that New York and L.A. are the fashion hubs. Why not Arizona? Waking up every morning and seeing the sun and the mountains is so inspiring. The people in Arizona have been so receptive to Sportiqe. Arizona will always be home to us.

10. Where can people find your products? 

You can always find our products online. However, in Arizona, you can also find Sportiqe collaborations at a lot of the most prominent tourist locations in the state: Arizona Snowbowl, Four Peaks Brewing Co., MIM, Valley Ho, Little Miss BBQ, Chula Seafood and Matt’s Big Breakfast.

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